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metalogika offers comprehensive development services in the field of hardware and embedded software development. The project model is based on your wishes and the requirements of the project - integrated into your project, as a sub-project or also completely external for maximum relief of your own resources.

Our typical roles & activities in development projects are:

  • Support product management
    Do you have a product idea, but still have questions about feasibility, market opportunities and the right range of functions? We would be happy to support you professionally in product management in order to put your project on a solid foundation.

  • (Sub) project management
    Your project is in good hands with us. We take care of the availability of the resources, tools and meeting the milestones for you. We do not forget the integration into the overall project. Transparency and open communication are our answers to prevent problems from arising as far as possible.

  • Systems Engineering
    Today's products are usually extremely complex and should be developed on a platform that easily allows product variants. Thinking outside the box coupled with professional systems engineering can save enormous costs and prevent the wheel from having to be reinvented in every project.

  • Hardware / electronics development
    Our experienced hardware developers convert the specifications from the requirements specifications or from the systems engineer into reliable and robust products. From the draft, through component selection, circuit diagram and layout creation to qualifying tests and comprehensive technical documents.

  • Firmware / embedded software development
    Modern products differentiate themselves more and more through features implemented by software. In the development project, we take over all relevant work of the software life cycle - from the derivation of the software requirements from the system requirements, to the software architecture, design and implementation and, of course, comprehensive tests on all levels (module, integration and system test level).

  • Introduction to series production
    If you wish, we can introduce your product into series production - be it in your own works or with an EMS. Here we attach great importance to the early integration of series production experts and exchange at eye level between developers and production specialist. This ensures manufacturability and testability under series conditions and thus makes a decisive contribution to achieving economical manufacturing costs.

In addition to the classic case of new developments, our customers like to use us for redesign tasks and design-to-cost projects.

  • Special case: redesign of existing products
    Your customers demand long term availability, your suppliers discontinue components and at the same time you have to innovate and bring new products into the portfolio. Working together with service providers is attractive for many component manufacturers. The scarce own resources are used for innovative new projects and the existing products kept active on the market with the help of the service provider.

  • Special case: design-to-cost projects
    Often, redesign projects can also be combined with design-to-cost measures. Some products develop to high volume products.
    With product optimization to reduce product cost the margin can be increased.