Beranda Kompetensi & Teknologi

Artificial Intelligence

We possess profound expertise in the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI), offering competencies in AI implementation both on-device/edge level and at the cloud/platform level. Our objective is to empower businesses with AI-driven solutions that enhance operational efficiency, drive innovation, and enable superior decision-making.

AI on the Device/Edge Level

AI on the edge or on-device AI refers to the shifting of AI computations from the cloud to local devices (like smartphones, IoT devices, etc.) near the data source. This approach offers significant advantages such as reduced latency, improved privacy, and lower bandwidth costs.

  • On-Device Machine Learning
    We specialize in designing and implementing machine learning models that can run directly on your devices, reducing the need to send raw data to the cloud. This allows for faster decision-making and preserves user privacy
  • IoT and AI
    We integrate AI with IoT devices to create smart devices capable of processing and analyzing data locally, leading to real-time insights and action
  • Optimized Models
    We understand the resource constraints of edge devices. Therefore, we focus on optimizing machine learning models to be lightweight and efficient, ensuring they run smoothly without exhausting the device's processing power or memory.


AI on the Cloud/Platform Level

AI on the cloud leverages the virtually unlimited computational power, storage, and bandwidth of the cloud to perform complex AI tasks, including training large machine learning models, processing vast amounts of data, and deploying AI solutions at scale.

  • AI Model Training
    We leverage the power of cloud computing to train complex, data-intensive machine learning models. The scalable nature of the cloud allows us to adjust the computational resources as per the needs of the training process

  • AI Model Deployment
    Post-training, we deploy these models on the cloud, providing your applications with seamless access to AI capabilities. Cloud-based AI models can be easily integrated into your existing applications via APIs

  • Scalability and Flexibility
    With cloud-based AI, you can easily scale up or down your AI capabilities as per your needs. You also gain the flexibility to experiment with different AI models and techniques without investing in costly hardware

  • Data Storage and Processing
    Cloud platforms provide vast storage space and powerful processing capabilities, making them ideal for storing and processing large datasets that AI applications often require

  • AI as a Service (AIaaS)
    We also offer AI as a Service, where we handle all the technical details of building, training, and maintaining AI models, and you simply access these AI capabilities via the cloud.

 Our AI services are end-to-end, covering every aspect of AI implementation - from defining the AI strategy, data preparation, model design and training, to deployment, monitoring, and ongoing optimization. Whether you're interested in deploying AI on the edge for real-time insights and actions, or you're looking to leverage the massive computational power of the cloud for AI, we have the skills and experience to deliver AI solutions that align with your business goals.